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Excel Financial Functions
Investment bankers, financial analysts, and financial modeling experts all have a few things in common. Besides the often discussed pay and benefits, they also spend a good deal of their working day using Excel. Conducting valuations, modeling risks, creating graphs, and building macros to model investment returns are but a few of the tasks that Excel can help you tackle. However, not every person with a career in finance is an Excel wizard. This article
Text to Columns Wizard
Data comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it comes in just the right format. Other times we have to do a bit of work to get the data we have into a usable format. This article will address one such instance. Today we will explore how to use the Convert Text to Columns Wizard. Let’s suppose you received an Excel file full of names and the data was presented as follows: Nothing wrong with
Hide and unhide in Excel
When dealing with large data sets in Excel it can be useful to hide rows and columns. This allows you to focus on only the data that is necessary for you to complete the task at hand. Excel makes this process very easy. This quick guide will explore a few methods that can be used to hide and unhide rows and columns in Excel. How to Hide Rows and Columns in Excel First, select the
A1 vs R1C1
Do you prefer the A1 reference style or the R1C1? If you’re like me you might choose A1 simply because that is also a steak sauce. I’ll admit that when I first came across the A1 vs. R1C1 question I had no idea what either meant or why it was even important. If you are in the same boat then this guide will present an easy to understand introduction to these reference styles. The Basics

10 Ways to Clean Your Data in Excel

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Clean data. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. When you don’t, you and everyone else that views your spreadsheet will know. Misspelled words, improper cases and non-printing characters are just a few of your concerns. These and other errors making a guest appearance in your spreadsheet can take your otherwise pristine work and instill uneasy feelings in viewers. Fear not, ExcelTraining is here to go over a few of the common ways to clean
Excel Coworkers
Nearly everyone has heard of Microsoft Excel. Some professionals use it more than others, but we all know of its existence. Many of us have likely spent time, some more than we care to admit, in an Excel spreadsheet. It may come as a surprise to some people that Excel is bursting with various shortcuts and other functions that can help you save time. As an added bonus, I’d bet that not too many of
March 29, 2019
A1 vs R1C1

A1 vs. R1C1 Style References: What They Are and How They Are Different

Do you prefer the A1 reference style or the R1C1? If you’re like me you might choose A1 simply because that is also a steak sauce.