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Why should you learn Excel?

The answer will be different for each person and you may have more than one reason! Trying to land a new job or earn a promotion? Want to challenge yourself? Convinced that there must be a better way to track your personal expenses? Excel can be used for all of these and more!

The team behind ExcelTraining.com makes Excel accessible for everyone, regardless of your reason for wanting to learn.

Excel is a huge application. Is it possible to master it by yourself? Yes, and it's also possible to cross the country on foot without a map. However that doesn't mean it is the most effective or efficient way to do so. At ExcelTraining.com, you are not alone in your journey to master Excel.

Learning at your pace

With over 470 functions as of Excel 2016, mastering this application isn't something that can be done overnight. With practice, patience, and commitment you will be the envy of the entire office. Having a team of Excel geeks help you along the way is just icing on the spreadsheet.

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Learn what you need

Excel is a versatile application that can be used in a variety of professions. From finance to engineering, sales, project management, education, and beyond, Excel is used almost everywhere you turn. Determine what skills you need to be successful and learn at your own pace.

If you're learning just for fun that is fine as well! Excel is a great way to challenge yourself and is likely an application that you will encounter at some point down the road.

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Jedis of Excel we are

ExcelTraining.com was created by a team that has been around Excel for more than a few years and who use it on a daily basis. One thing we've noticed among coworkers is that they are good at Excel, but not great. This is like having a Podracer and never going full speed. Our training is designed to get you racing at full speed. May the spreadsheet be with you!

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