Statistical Process Control Training

No Sweat Training

No Sweat Training 1-877-284-9941
No Sweat Training 1-877-284-9941
This program is exactly what it's title suggests; No Sweat!

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The two unit program takes a back-to-basics approach in teaching Statistical Process Control. Its friendly and non-threatening style ensures everyone will learn SPC and confidently apply it back on the job.

Introduced in 1989,No Sweat Statistics has been used to train over 120,000 people in the basics of SPC.

Audience: Operators, first-line supervisors, those who have little or no prior exposure to statistical process control. Also ideal for ongoing and refresher training.
Training Time: 8-10 hours
Reading Level: 6th-7th grade
Prerequisites: Basic math, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Program Content
Module 1: Basic Statistics for Process Control
Natural and unnatural variation
Expected occurrences vs. actual occurrences
Normal distribution curve
Standard deviation
Calculating mean and range
Module 2: Application of Basic Statistics to Process Control
Definition of SPC
How SPC can improve quality
Relationship between distribution of individuals and sample averages
Purpose of control charts
Central line
Difference between control limits and tolerances
Relationship of normal distribution curve to control limits
Why the control chart has power
Definition and purpose of process capability studies
Variables and attributes
Control chart interpretation

A Start-Up (SU) program consists of two parts: a Leader's Pack and a Participant's Kit for each trainee.

The Leader's Pack includes:
1 Leader's Binder with:
  1 Leader's Guide
  1 Participant's Kit
  1 Process Capability Briefing
1 pad of R charts.

The Participant's Kit includes:
1 Participant's Guide
1 Pre-Test
1 Post-Test
1 Certificate of Completion
Number of people to train Start-Up Program Leader's Pack (one-time cost) Participants Kit (each) Total for Participant's Kit Complete Start-Up Cost
5 SU 5 $950 $34 $170 $1,120
15 SU 15 $950 $32 $480 $1,430
25 SU 25 $950 $30 $750 $1,700
50 SU 50 $950 $28 $1,400 $2,350
100 SU 100 $950 $26 $2,600 $3,550
200 SU 200 $950 $24 $4,800 $5,750

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