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This two unit program teaches the fundamentals of mechanical drawings in easily understandable steps. The practical hands-on approach ensures everyone will feel confident interpreting blueprints.

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Audience: Operators, first-line supervisors, those who have little or no prior exposure to statistical process control. Also ideal for ongoing and refresher training.
Training Time: 8-10 hours
Reading Level: 6th-7th grade
Prerequisites: Basic math, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and fractions
Training Design: Performance-based Instruction. DVD and print materials are interactive; requires active audience participation.

Program Content
Module 1: Line Drawings Module 2: Special Part Features and Configurations
Types of Projections Undercutting and grooving
Types of Edges Rounds and fillets
Title Block Information Chamfers and tapers
Basic Part Characteristics Bevelled surfaces
Features and Dimensions Knurls
Dimensions of Size and Location Slots and keyways
Defining and Interpreting Tolerances Bosses and pads
Fractional and Decimal Dimensions Finishing marks
Diameters and Angles Holes
Scale Drawings and Drawings in Section      Countersunk and counterbored holes
Threads and thread terminology
Straight and tapered threads

A Start-Up (SU) program consists of two parts: a Leader's Pack and a Participant's Kit for each trainee.

The Leader's Pack includes:
1 Leader's Binder with:
  1 Leader's Guide
  1 Participant's Kit

The Participant's Kit includes:
1 Participant's Guide
1 Pre-Test
1 Post-Test
1 Certificate of Completion
Number of people to train Start-Up Program Leader's Pack (one-time cost) Participants Kit (each) Total for Participant's Kit Complete Start-Up Cost
5 SU 5 $950 $34 $170 $1,120
15 SU 15 $950 $32 $480 $1,430
25 SU 25 $950 $30 $750 $1,700
50 SU 50 $950 $28 $1,400 $2,350
100 SU 100 $950 $26 $2,600 $3,550
200 SU 200 $950 $24 $4,800 $5,750

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